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How to Create Your Book on Amazon for $99
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A long time before, on the desk-top far, far away... Www.Amazon.Com/Tyler Collins/E/B01a8gj4ie includes more concerning the purpose of it.

That has not imagined not only writing their own guide, but seeing it in publications o-n, having a copy for their shelf, getting 'five copies for my mother'?

Well, you will take action for some cybernetic elbow grease and a $99 price. This site will show you how I did it, and chances are you may do it too. I have been reading for several years about Print On Demand, the awesome new techology where you place in PDF files on one end (One for the address, one for the interiors) and a beautiful, perfect-bound, bookstore-quality book happens the other. I've also seen the technology in motion at an document imaging tradeshow (that is my career, by-the way.)

I have known as a means to self-publish, including my own father other people who have used Print On Demand (POD). My problem with that is I have no room within my garage for books, I do not want to get involved in the process of selling and transport books, handling earnings, etc.

Suddenly, while Googling anything this morning, I came upon some fantastic Goo. Amazon, the online bookstore, has consumed a POD writer named BookSurge, rendering it a separate Amazon division. Now I could pay a fee, distribute it to Amazon/BookSurge, just take my book project, and VOILA! my book is on Amazon for everybody to get. It ships within 48 hours, BookSurge pays me a-25 royalty within 60-days, I will even buy five copies for my mother at a discount!

I emailed BookSurge and was given an account manager, who I'll call Joseph (since his name is Joseph). I asked about the details of publishing a book. For $599 I could obtain the hand-holding, mail us your manuscript version of the writing, or if I was bold, courageous, and could format my own PDFs, for $99 I could make use of the Author's Express plan to upload my book projects. Dig up further on an affiliated link - Click here:

$99 looked just like the approach to take, because my book creation project was made to be the precursor of many more titles.

I ran all around the site, installing case PDFs, submission guidelines, and whatever else I may find. Your website recomends applying Adobe -something or another- for text formating, and Adobe Acrobat 6 (not 7!) for PDF creation.

I decided in the git-go that Microsoft Word and PDF Factory Pro would need to work with me, because that is what I'd o-n my desktop, and I do not need to spend weeks learning still another desktop publishing software, though I'm sure it is a great one.

Besides, I was already considering writing these pages, and I wanted to come back up with a process most anyone would be comfortable with. Get further on our favorite partner essay by visiting

The only real shortcut I got is that my address is plain text, without any pictures about it. I decided my first book will provide mainly if not entirely o-n Amazon, and quite a cover is not that crucial there. Whatever the case, I could always return and update my version (The excess fee for resubmitting when the book is published.), both the inside or even the address is $50

Trial records and an entire step-by-step explanation of how I arranged and posted my three books (so far!) are at

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